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About Me

EsT: 2020

Hola, friends! I'm Emma, an artist!

pfp by me!

FUN FACT: Almost all of my projects (apart from 1 or two) are public!
FUN FACT: No project on my accounts go public without a thumbnail (apart from on emma-pfps)!
FUN FACT: I color code my thumbnails!

🎨 art
🎨 tutorials
🎨 profile pictures

Requests in the comments or here: https://justcodaborate.org/studios-comments-12 ~
My shop: https://justcodaborate.org/studios-main-12 ~
My exclusive pfp shop: https://justcodaborate.org/studios-main-16 ~

Cousins: https://justcodaborate.org/users-183 and https://justcodaborate.org/users-13 ~
Bestie: https://justcodaborate.org/users-166 ~
Classmates: https://justcodaborate.org/users-2, https://justcodaborate.org/users-169, https://justcodaborate.org/users-330 and https://justcodaborate.org/users-329 ~
Friends: https://justcodaborate.org/users-173, https://justcodaborate.org/users-102 and https://justcodaborate.org/users-44 ~

https://justcodaborate.org/users-294 - main alt and collabs (plus ATs)
https://justcodaborate.org/users-295 - fashion and piano
https://justcodaborate.org/users-296 - pfp mania
https://justcodaborate.org/users-297 - thumbnail sentences

What I'm Working On

Personal landing page: https://justcodaborate.org/view-page-2

~~emma's TODO~~
~ AT with code-art!
~ something for 2022 on -bluey-
~ beat icon park in orders and popularity!
~ New Year's offers at pfp mania!

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