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About Me

Hola, mis amigos! I'm purple_ghost, and I have this weird obsession for...
- anything purple!
- books

I've been on JUSTCodaborate with this account for over two years - since 14th August 2020!

My intro: https://justcodaborate.org/projects-1344
Cool, right? Based on: https://justcodaborate.org/projects-1285 - Go make your own!

I've created 70+ projects, but actually, only 30+ of them are public, 10+ are unlisted and 30+ are private (book covers, inner covers, blurbs, secret stuff I want for later, etc.), so really, I only have like 30+ projects. anyways, I'm often featured and thank you so much for 30+ followers! Have a nice day everyone! :DDDD

Now go follow:
my brother speedcoder99: https://justcodaborate.org/users-302
my cousin SUPERQUIZ: https://justcodaborate.org/users-10
my (less active) YT alt: https://justcodaborate.org/users-105
my (other less active) alt: https://justcodaborate.org/users-167
my friends: https://justcodaborate.org/users-304, https://justcodaborate.org/users-49, https://justcodaborate.org/users-52 and https://justcodaborate.org/users-279

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